Deepcool Gammex 400

Overall Dimensions 135x80x154.5mm
Bearing Type Hydro Bearing
Fan Dimensions 120x120x25mm
Net Weight 640g
Max Airflow 74.34CFM

Deepcool Gammex 400 with it great features, had proven it’s way to the top of the table.It is equipped with elegant LED lighting to enhance it’s look.Moreover,The noise produced won’t exceed 30 decibels It comes with when 120MM fan along with this it can be mounted with a second fan too, however,Works well even with a single fan. 4 sintered metal powder heating pipes are inducted  to avoid overheating and therefore,keep the temperature low.

The installation process is pretty simple as there is no need to remove the motherboard .It requires 4 screws to secure the mounting brackets.

Better cooling have been observed due to a direct contact heat pipe bases.

With application of thermal paste, spaces are filled resulting in direct contact with heat pipe bases which makes it possible to achieve better cooling results.

If looking for the best white cpu cooler, this can be good option.

Support socket types:






  • Elegant white led
  • Great Cooling
  • Moderate thickness for additional memory clearance
  • Fair price
  • Sound levels can increase a bit


Product Dimensions 126x134x158mm
Heat sink 120x108x158mm
Net weight 1000g
Fan dimensions 120x120x25mm
Fan Airflow 74.34CFM/65.16CFM
Fan noise Less than 30 decibals/26.1 decibals

Landing on the second spot of the table wasn’t easy for Deep cool neptwin, however, after a deep analysis on its features and performance we were convinced to award him as the Runner-up!

So lets give you an overview what will you be served if you go for this option.

It consists two 120mm super silent fans. with 6 U-shaped pipes each 6mm thick, all of them going all the way to be connected to 5mm thick copper plate.

Although, it has 2 fans , yet the cooler isn’t much noisy and not to mention , there is no compromise on its cooling too as this cpu cooler is equipped with twin full-size cooling towers!

Along with this, the front PWM fan will be maintaining an airflow of 74.34 CFM due to its exceptional performance of constantly spinning at RPM ranging between 900-1500 , while the other fan spins at a fixed speed of 1300RPM.Moreover, low fluctuations in thermal performance between the highs and lows of fan speed , is a clear indication that the heat sink is perfectly sized to perform with Intel’s LGA2011 platforms and even the AMD FX-series 

This machines weighs Almost 1000grams with a height of 159mm.White LED is added to the fans to enhance its beauty.Furthermore, one amongst the two fans is PWM-Capable hence establishing a great balance.

And guess what:

The story doesn’t end up here!

This white CPU air cooler gives you an option to add an extra ( Third fan) and to ease up the process , they have already added an extra set of fan clips.

Having said that,

Let’s move on to what you will get along with the deepcool neptwin white.

So it has a syringe of thermal paste , a zip tie and a set of instructions. To provide the heat sink , weighing over a 1000g , the deepcool neptwin is accompanied with 2 sets of metal brackets that are screwed in the motherboard!

Soecket types:






  • Great form quality
  • Outstanding cooling
  • Pleasant architecture
  • Worth Buying
  • With tall memory modules, you may face clearance problems


Enjoy optimum cooling performance with Arctic Freezer 34 eSports White, a unique addition to your exceptional gaming setup.

Through its heat sink, heat pipes and 54 aluminium cooling fins each of which is 0.4mm thick, it manages to dissipate heat very quickly. A combination of these heat pipes will result in effective heat dissipation to reach chilly performance.

The four thermal coated heat pipes make all their way to the surface of the  CPU in a U-shape for faster heat dissipation.

Arctic Freezer 34 eSports White cpu cooler features two powerful BioniX P-fans that are 120mm each. They have a high quality Fluid Dynamic Bearing and a 4-pin pwm connector. More about these new P-fans is that they consume very less power and run with fewer vibrations. These fans can push up to 2100 rpm and work in push-pull-configuration so you’ll experience an ideal airflow for a comfortable gaming environment.

With the assistance of thermal coated heat sink and BioniX P-fans, it can beat its expensive and much bigger counterparts in achieving excellent cooling at minimal noise.

The installation is a simple task and you’ll see that it comes with MX-4 Thermal Paste for best cooling results. The 10-year warranty assures extended life span and good quality so it can work for a longer period.

  • Classy look
  • Creates minimal noise
  • Peak performance in a small size
  • 10-year warranty
  • No LED lighting effects


Radiator Dimensions 402x120x27mm
Radiator material Aluminum
Net weight 1705g
Fan dimensions 120x120x25mm
Fan Airflow 64.4 CFM
Fan speed 500-1800rpm
Led type addressable rgb
Fan noise 32.1 db
Bearing type hydro bearing

The deep cool castle 360ex  stands at the top amongst white liquid coolers.And probably one reason for this is, that it is accompanied with deepcools anti-leak technology, which convinced us to consider it safe to be included in our setups.The deepcools anti-leak technology is integrated with a rubber pressure-relief bag, placed in a position that its one end meets the coolant while the other is exposed to the air.This helps to maintain the internal pressure with the environmental pressure, and therefore allows Pressure-relief and avoid risk of leakage.

This all-in-one liquid cooler comes with a new pump design,the radiator has a plain design, however this time the radiator itself is also white excluding the fins.

465mm sleeved tubing is installed in the castle 360ex.

3 TF120-S Fans come along with castle 360EX.They have a speed of 500-1800RPM having noise levels at 32.1db, and each of them generating 64.4 CFM of Airflow.Although, it is equipped with noise-damping,anti-vibration pads , but still if you are annoyed with the noise, you have an option to control fans through PWM!


The pump , it has addressable rgb and a replaceable logo ,so you can either change it with the ying-yang template or make one completely of your own choice.The pump is driven by a 3-phase, x-life motor.The Castle 360EX’s is more powerful , as running at 2550RPM, while silence is not compromised by making 7.8db of noise.

Socket type:







  • Superb Cooling
  • Equipped with Rgb Led
  • Worth the price
  • Great form quality
  • Not Fully White(Fins,Tubing)


Model ELC-LTT0360-TBP
Overall Dimensions 138.7×111.9x160mm
Heat sink Dimensions 135.2mmx65mmx160mm
Net weight with fan 860g
Material Copper heatpipes/Aluminium fins
Fan dimensions 120x120x25CFM

Enermax ETS-T50 distinguishes itself from others for its flawless features and amazing cooling results of up to 230W TDP. Enermax ETS-T50 has a matte-white finish, however, if you prefer you can opt for a black one too. A chain of 36 RGB LED Lights is placed around the circumference, offering 5 unique lighting patterns and allowing you to choose any of them. And not to forget, the LEDs run on 5v.

Moving towards its fan, it achieves 1800 revolutions per minute and is able to push to 62.32CFM. 5 heat pipes come all the way up to establish a connection between the base and a fan where the copper heat pipes make direct contact with the CPU. To match with your setup, Enermax ETS-T50 white nylon braid is sleeved upon the fan cables. Apart from this, the noise level ranges from 13 decibels to 22 decibels. To avoid overheating, 

What if you don’t have a second fan?

The diffuser has got the problem solved!

 It revolves fully at an angle of 360°, directing the warm air towards any case fan you prefer. Nine high-pressure blades come along Enermax ETS T50 AXE to support enhanced cooling performance with decreased noise.

Airflow optimizations are also part of the story, With the application of the 3 optimizations mentioned below, achieving better performance has been possible.

1)Pressure Differential Flow Design (PDF)

2)Vortex Generator Flow (VGF)

3)Vacuum Effect Flow (VEF)

Basically, all of them contribute either way to increase airflow and drive fresh air.

Enermax ETS T50 AXE is supported by Intel and AMD sockets. To add to your ease, it comes with a syringe applicator, spreader and Dow Corning thermal grease TC-5121 which ensures the best cooling results by filling the gaps.

Cpu socket


LGA2066/2011 3/2011





  • Exceptional Cooling
  • Acceptable Price-to-Performance
  • Easy to setup
  • Sound levels low even at max performance
  • Only White or black in color


Heatsink Dimensions w/o fan 134x140x160mm
Heat sink Dimensions w/fan Heat sink Dimensions w/fan
Net weight(single/dual) 1110g/1250g
Fan model Ph-f140hp premium fans
Fan diameter 140mm

Phanteks PH-TC14PE founded in 2007 by a group of well-acquainted engineers, is no doubt one of the best white CPU coolers available in the market. Despite the fact that it came in 2007, its appealing features attract a wide range of users even in 2022.

Beginning with its dimensions, it is 168mm high and 144mmx161mm broad with five 8mm heat pipes. It is embedded with two 140mm fans which run at a speed of 900-1200 rpm and generate an airflow of up to 78 CFM. It can support three fans, the fans are less noisy and barely audible.

The nickel-plated copper base and heat pipes make their way into the electroplated dual cooling towers. It uses C.P.S.C(Cold Plasma Spraying Coating) and P.A.T.S(Physical Antioxidant Thermal Spraying) technology to improve its thermal conductivity and to achieve brilliant cooling results.

Aluminium cooling fins and copper heat pipes are welded together to fill up the spaces. Moreover, it has a unique range of multiple colours to match your gaming rig.

Socket types:







  • Low-to-No noise
  • Excellent cooling performance
  • 3 Fans support
  • Good structure quality
  • A bit costly


Radiator Dimensions w/o fan 277x120x27mm
Heat sink Dimensions w/fan 159x140x171mm
Fan dimensions 120x120x25mm
Fan airflow 63 CFM
Noise level 37 dbA
Fan speed 600-1500/2200 RPM
Fan static pressure 4.2mm – H20

Corsair came up with yet another cpu cooler that has surely not failed to impress us with its stunning cooling results. This all-in-one Best liquid cpu cooler equipped with two 120mm ML PRO RGB Series PWM fans have proven successful in obtaining chilly performance. They run at a speed of 500rpm to 2200rpm delivering an airflow of upto 75 CFM.

Corsair iCUE software automatically stops the fans once low temperature is achieved, thus reducing noise levels . 16 elegant RGB LED lights are fitted on each of the fans producing radiant lighting effects to give your pc a graceful look.

Furthermore, 240mm dual radiator increases surface area for extreme cpu cooling.

Socket types:


LGA115X/LGA2011/ LGA 2066



  • RGB Led
  • Incredible cooling
  • Strong structure
  • Comparatively costly

ASUS ROG Strix RGB White AIO Liquid Cooler

While Asus is a wonderful gaming equipment manufacturer, it has earned an honourable name in the gaming industry. ASUS ROG Strix LC 240 RGB CPU cooler is known for its incredible performance and is notably a worthy purchase.

What sets it apart is its fantastic build quality with excellent performance. It primarily focuses on achieving lowest sound levels while maintaining impressive cooling. Low acoustic levels are a plus point of this exclusive cooler, at the start you might hear sounds created by the pump head but after some time, it gets ultra-quiet.

About the fan, its speed ranges from 800 to 2500 rpm, at full speed of approximately 2200rpm, the noise is definitely audible which makes using it very irritating. For RGB LED lovers, this cooler can be the one you're searching for.

This RGB optimized cooler has radiant lights on pump heads and on three of the fans that look awe-inspiring as they strike back in bursts of different colours. While it is rich in RGB lights, easy control over the fan/pump speeds and light customizations have made things even better.

While that's all about RGB, let's end by talking a bit about its installation process. It is pretty easy as each installation step is very clearly explained.

COOLER MASTER MasterLiquid V2 RGB White

The Cooler Master ML240L has two fans, it effectively and efficiently performs its jobs mainly due to an improvement in its quality that enables decent cooling. The design of this AIO cooler has been enhanced along with its pump which is now a 3rd gen, dual-chamber pump which significantly improves cooling efficiency.

It even has a larger water capacity and enables long-term use. Another amendment made is the widened radiator fin surface area by 25% aimed for a quicker dissipation of heat by the enlarged water channels.

An attempt to make it an overall best cooler is the addition of SickleFlow 120 RGB, air optimized fans which features 2.0 Air Balance, translucent fans incorporating premium rifle bearings with an ability to generate high air pressure from its seven blades at low noise.

All these specialities sum up to deliver impressive cooling and almost inaudible operation. The RGB lighting is very vivid and rich which makes your set-up look fabulous and worth watching.

The RGB effects, lighting etc. can be controlled through the motherboard or a wired controller. Lastly, it is fairly easy to install and after all, it comes from a great manufacturer which makes this cooler undoubtedly a great choice.