Things you need to look for:

When buying a chair it's important to ensure that you actually are getting value for your money, and for that here we have written down a brief guide to help you make the best buying decisions


The design and structure of the chair should support a comfortable gaming experience. Usually, people prefer mesh chairs for better comfort


The chair should offer enough adjustments that you can discover and set the most comfortable posture for your, the adjustments may include, height adjustments, tilt, armrests and sometimes lumbar support too

Build Quality

In order to have a durable and long -asting chair, it's necessary to ensure that the chair is made up of quality material.


You can't find the best chair at a very low price, however, still, you need to carefully analyze the price-to-performance ratio or read what the experts say about it

Extra features

Getting something extra is never bad, so when comparing different chairs you may prefer the one which offers speakers or massage,etc.

Herman Miller Aeron Ergonomic Mesh Chair

Herman Miller Aeron is well-known for its comfort, adjustability, and quality but let's dive deep into what makes it Quite pricey.

When gaming for an entire day, it would be necessary to maintain the correct posture. The tilt limiter will allow you to adjust the seat among three different postures ensuring comfort.

Moreover, it enhances focus by providing the ability to tilt it forward. Further. Further, the refined PostureFitSL helps to Improve and maintain a better posture.

You can enjoy a comfortable experience throughout the use as the adjustability of arms adds up to an overall smooth and balanced experience.

You can follow the adjustment settings easily; just read the guide or watch a youtube video, and you will be all clear

On the downside, Posturefit cannot be moved up or down. Another thing to take into consideration is that it doesn't have a headrest so you would probably have to buy it separately if you really need it.

Apart from this, the chair is long-lasting and very effective against back pain and would ensure your comfort even if you have to be seated for extended periods.

The chair has three sizes and comes in three different shades to choose from.

STAPLES Hyken Task Mesh Chair

STAPLES Hyken is one of the best mesh gaming chairs you can get, even if your budget isn't that big.

The chair offers various features that will let you enjoy an ideal sitting experience.

The tilt tension will allow you to adjust the angle of the chair according to your preferences. It would be recommended to try different angles and decide which works best for you and stick with that, and this will allow you to save a lot of time and effort.

You can find the chair in three colors, Black, dark red, and charcoal grey.

You can use height adjustment to fit it with your desk and maintain a healthy posture, avoiding any stress neck or on your back. This will also give you some flexibility to use for multiple purposes.

As with most options in this range, you can adjust arms and set them either high or low, depending on what you are doing. However, there are no specific criteria to fit your adjustments and entirely based on what brings you comfort and convenience.

Hyken has good weight support, too, with frame dimensions 27.3×27.2×45.3-49.8 inches. It can easily support a weight of up to 275 pounds.

One of the features that I loved was that you wouldn't have to get off your chair every time you need something that's a bit far off your desk; you can smoothly roll over the supportive wheels of hyken, which would work for both carpets and hard floors.

The hyken comes with a mesh headrest and back. So you can remain relaxed and avoiding sweating and all those irritations.

Moreover, the presence of lumbar support makes the chair even more user-friendly and supportive for working throughout the day!

RESPAWN 200 Racing Style Gaming Chair

The Respawn-200, commonly known as RSP-200, is an excellent option as a budget gaming chair offering mesh back, designed to keep you cool and ensure ventilation and comfort.

Along with that, you can easily find all the features usually found in this price range, but most importantly, it is equipped with integrated lumbar support as well.

Your convenience is what really matters, and for that, you would need enough adjustability to discover the most appropriate position; through height and armrest adjustments, you can maintain your desired posture.

The RSP-200 would allow you to tilt and recline between 90 to 130 degrees. The steel frame also includes a headrest which you might find impressive if you have been facing neck pain issues; the pillow attached can also be set to your preferences.

Apart from the aesthetically pleasing design, this gaming chair will offer you to rest your back on the lumbar support, which makes it super comfy no matter how long you have to sit on it.

The mesh back avoids heat and any such irritations that may adversely impact your experience.

It has a five-point base accompanied with durables wheels on which you could smoothly roll over different surfaces. You will not find very much surprising features.

However, only professional gamers might require moving to an expensive alternative after some time. If you are not even too bulky, this chair could serve you several years without a doubt.

There are five color options available, and you could choose the one which matches your setup. I would personally recommend Blue!

Respawn Specter Full Mesh Gaming Chair

The Respawn specter has its back divided into three portions, the adjustable headrest. The mid-back and lumbar support at the bottom, all of this along with the seat, is covered in breathable mesh, so no need to worry even if you have to game for an entire day as the mesh will allow good height distribution resulting in a smooth gaming experience. 

The seat has a waterfall shape and has a cushion placed at the front edge, enhancing comfortability and ensuring blood flow all around your body.

The build quality is pretty excellent. The respawn specter can easily fit Medium to large sized people as it offers enough Width and height. 

One thing that we found missing was the adjustability of the lumbar support. Allowing movements to be made and the curve to be adjusted would have made the seating experience even better. 

However, it has considerable headrest adjustability with vertical and horizontal movements. We also noticed that the back of the seat was too steep, so people who are too small heightened might find it uncomfortable.

With the help of the lever, the seat can be adjusted forward and backward( slide adjustments), so some individuals that find themselves a bit bigger can easily find their optimum position. Moreover, the synchro-tilt mechanism is integrated, which works great while you recline.

 It would allow incredible flexibility.

 Another nice feature is the 3d adjustability of arms, and it's also possible to completely remove it while assembling the chair. Along with Impressive Build quality and comfort, respawn specter also has great looks and design. It has a five-point bottom with matching rolling casters, which adds up to its attractive appearance.

BERLMAN Ergonomic High Back Mesh Office Chair

When reviewing chairs in this price range, the Berlman ergonomic high back mesh chair serves as an attractive option. This chair features excellent comfort and adjustability, most importantly when it comes to the armrests. However, you will get more amazing stuff in this chair. 

So let's have a closer look. Undoubtedly, this chair offers incredible comfort for users. With a breathable mesh back, along with a padded Headrest and even the armrest, gamers can enjoy the optimum gaming experience. 

The seat features a high-density sponge that is well padded with mesh fabric. The chair is wide enough to support bulky individuals, and one can even sit cross-legged.

The back is ergonomically designed to enhance comfort along with adjustable lumbar support, so as expected, the lumber support hit just the right spot . 3-inch height adjustment is allowed to fit with the table height; moreover, the armrest is foldable, and there is a tilt range of 90-120 degrees, and with the help of the leaning function, you can easily rest your back. 

The chair can easily support people weighing up to 250 lbs. It has a strong structure which makes it durable enough to last for years. Surprisingly the mesh chair can be used for both office and gaming. 

The wheels have good adaptability when it comes to flooring; either on hard surfaces or carpeted ones, the chair would smoothly roll over without having to push it. On the downside, the seat may not be the best option for people around 6 feet and above!