How we choose the 'Best' mice?

So let's dive deep into our review process to discover the best possible options available in the market. Our process mainly consist of three stages.

Our research team starts the research and lists down all the mice which might satisfy the buyer's need. After the List is narrowed down as it passes through our 'Secong stage' , which includes a certain criteria of features a GOOD mouse will have.

At last we do comparisons between all the options on our featured table , and therefore derive the TOP 10 from them, so a refined guide is then represnted to you , so you may make the best desicions!


The G502 features 11 Programmable buttons which along with the scroll wheel feature a glossy finish.The body is matte black including it’s left and right button.

With rubber grips on either side and even 3 buttons + a thumb groove on the left side will ensure enough comfort and can even enhance your overall performance in the game.

This mouse has dpi ranging between from 200 upto 12,000.

The weight is 4.3 ounces.

Moving towards the RGB lighting , you can change the colors of the ‘ G ‘ Logo on the mouse and can even sync with the Logitech rgb keyboard.

A great feature is that the spectrum can detect games on the computer and set profiles accordingly.

Moreover, the spectrum can be tuned for different surfaces and each time there was noticeable change.

The button placement is also well-done with almost all the buttons easily reachable with less chances of any mis-clicks.

The scroll wheel features dual functionality,and you have the complete freedom to choose between any of them in accordance to your gaming experience.

Atlast, this mouse is great for right-handed gamers and is the best for jitter clicking.

The observations were done deeply to notice every aspect as serious gamers tend to notice every bit of a change in their gaming performance.

  • Comfortable grip (Rubber placed on back prevents slipping)
  • 11 programmable buttons
  • 16.8 million colors
  • Optical gaming sensor for precise movements
  • 32-bit ARM microprocessor
  • Perfect Button Placement
  • Logitech support responds quickly
  • Unimpressive wire quality
  • Uncomfortable for left-handed gamers
  • Scroll wheel feels slippery


The Razer Deathadder V2 is my personal favorite for jitter clicking as it provides instant response due to the optical switches.

The body of the mouse is matte black which gives a fine finish to the mouse and even provides better grip along with a comfortable feel.

One cool thing about V2 is that it’s wire named ‘speedflex cable’ is pretty flexible 

(Actually that has Great flexibility) wire which will be helpful for someone like me who gets lazy after hours of work and even sometimes while gaming.So even being ill-disciplined with managing wires will hardly have any impact on your productivity and performance.

If do a Deathadder v2 vs Elite, V2 has a clear win when considering the Right/Left button’s durability.

Along with Reduced chances of misclicks it’s also expected to have a longer life (70 million clicks)

You also get an adjustable 20000DPI sensor.Which is of course Great!

Although, being a great mouse , there are some drawbacks too.The buttons aren’t very well positioned and when considering smaller hands side buttons might go out of reach.But it still is a great mouse and a personal recommendation too.

  • Scroll wheel is pretty smooth
  • Long lasting/ Durable buttons
  • 20,000 DPI
  • Comfortable to use for Longer working periods
  • Works better for right-handed


There’s no way of skipping Logitech G Pro wireless from our list of best mouse for jitter clicking. This one’s highly recommended for those who frequently go for jitter clicking.  

The smooth texture of the mouse helps you hold it comfortably. The shape also helps you place your hand conveniently on it. 

This wireless mouse will give you more freedom of movement as it does not restrict the user to a specific place through wired connectivity. 

It is extremely light i.e. 80 grams and is firmly built that makes it highly exceptional for jitter clicking. Above all it guarantees 50 million clicks so you can fully enjoy your gaming sessions. 

Moreover, its Hero 25k sensor goes from 100 to 25600 DPI. It overcomes issues of latency that wireless mice frequently come across. The clicks are light and responsive.The responding time is as quick as 1 millisecond. Besides, the scroll wheel is coated with rubber to provide good grip. Having said that, it also doesn’t rattles when swiftly scrolled or shaken, thus being quiet.

Logitech GPW’s battery life is also amazing as it works up to 60 hours without RGB and 48 hours with RGB.

It comprises 4 programmable buttons allowing customized use through Logitech G HUB. 

For those of you who might wonder that this mouse is far expensive to purchase, believe me its qualities are even worth it. The high cost is highly due to light weight, long lasting battery, RGB, advanced optical sensor and yes, wireless feature too.

  • Weighs extremely light(only 80 grams)
  • Comfortable shape
  • Side buttons can be added
  • Comparatively not cheaper


Corsair Nightsword RGB usually suits those who have larger hands. The large surface area of the mouse allows you to place your hand perfectly onto it with thumbs resting on its side buttons, thus enabling full control.

The most appreciable feature is that the surface is covered in rubber except the buttons, this doesn’t leave oily patches at places where your hand comes in contact. The ergonomic shape permits comfortable use over extended periods of time and side by side avoids chances of RSI(Resistive Strain Injury).

The RGB lighting is appealing and gives your set up a fascinating look. There are four RGB zones, one on the scroll wheel, another on Corsair’s logo and on rear and front. These four customizable light zones can be controlled through Corsair iCUE software that is easy to comprehend.

It has 10 programmable buttons that give quicker response time. It is equipped with 18000 DPI optical sensor. Although it’s quite heavy, the plus point is that the weight distribution is customized. You can adjust it according to your own preference through the iCUE software.

  • Offers thumb rest
  • Rgb Lighting
  • Allows you to do weight customizations
  • Best for large hands
  • Grip has room for further improvement


Razer Viper Ultralight is an ambidextrous mouse that has buttons on either side to support both left and right handed use. As its name defines, it is only 69 grams.

A lighter weight doesn’t mean that it is weakly built, it has a tough shell on it to obtain swift movements and increased speed in battles . Having said that its weight is drastically less, it also has a good grip, these factors make it absolutely perfect for jitter clicking.

It features wired connectivity through Razer Speedflex Cable for nonstop control. Besides that, it has Razer Chroma™ RGB lighting especially on the Razer logo.

The Razer 5G Optical sensor gives maximum sensitivity of up to 16000 DPI with a maximum speed of 450 IPS. Its maximum acceleration is 50G. The eight programmable buttons can be customized via Razer Synapse 3 to access macro and secondary functions but it doesn’t have a tilt scroll wheel.

The Razer™ Optical mouse switch has the capacity to deliver up to 70 million clicks with a quick response time i.e. 0.2 milliseconds along with an infrared light that beams with every click.

  • Lightweight
  • Improved Durability
  • Smoother experience


    HyperX Pulsefire FPS is ergonomically designed to perfectly fit your hand onto the mouse. It is smooth and extremely comfortable that helps you attain longer periods of restful gaming.

    It has a grippy texture on its either sides to enable a good grip that is the foremost requirement for jitter clicking. On top of that, the Omron switches are durable for up to 20 million clicks to give you tension free gaming sessions.

    They give a crispy tactile feedback to confirm that your click has been registered. These enduring clicks also makes HyperX Pulsefire FPS Pro an ideal mouse for jitter clicking.

    It features a Premium Pixart 3389 sensor that has a maximum DPI of 16000 with an utmost speed of 450 IPS to facilitate accuracy and peak performance. The six buttons and RGB lighting can be programmed through HyperX NGENUITY software that is easy to comprehend but you can also go through the guide to give yourself a better understanding.

    There’s only one RGB lighting zone with 4 brightness levels each of which can be customized through its software. It weighs 130 grams with the braided cable and 95 grams without it. This mouse comes with HyperX FURY S Pro Gaming Mouse Pad that has a flat surface for optional tracking and smoother movements.

    • Ergonomic design
    • Ambidextrous i.e. supports both left and right-handed use
    • 16000 DPI
    • Grippy texture
    • Supplementary mouse feet doesn’t come along with it.
    • Side-panel design is unsuitable for lifting.


    The G602 will provide you with great comfort along with durability, it has a thumb rest which will provide an edge to right-handed players.

    Although beautifully designed , it would have been better if RGB lighting was added too.

    It has a solid build which ensures a long Life.

    The perfect button Placement further adds up to its favor.

    This mouse will work well for ‘Any’ hand size and especially for Palm grip , which is of course a benefit.

    However,the mouse isn’t lightweight so you need to decide whether this really matters for you or not.

    Moreover, the mouse has a large body due to the thumb rest added to enhance your comfort in gaming for longer hours.

    It comes with a usb receiver and like most of the wireless mouse , a slot is dedicated to store it.Adding Bluetooth connectivity would have been even better.

    The mouse features a total of 12 buttons.

    The G602 has a very low click latency, which will have no noticeable delay even while gaming.

    Oh one thing I forgot to mention here that:

    It’s compatible with both macOS & Windows.Which is good!

    The wide range of buttons can be customized easily through the Logitech gaming software.

    It also features an onboard memory which will help you save some extra time and effort.

    • Long-running battery
    • Ideal design for palm grip users
    • 11 programmable buttons
    • 250-2,500 DPI
    • Doesn’t offer wired coonectivity


    Razer Naga Trinity proffers its users personalized features like 2,7 and 12 buttons  that can be programmed via Razer Synapse software.

    These programmable buttons are amalgamated on three slide plates; the first plate comprises only two buttons, second has seven buttons while the third plate has twelve buttons.

    These buttons permit complex micro adjustments and deliver audible feedback. It is a wired mouse and uses standard braided cable.

    It further has a tilt scroll wheel for convenient movements. It is integrated with a 5G optical sensor that allows a maximum DPI of 16000 and maximum speed of 450 IPS.

    Razer Naga Trinity is slightly heavy as it weighs 120 grams and supports right handed usage. Adding more to it, the Razer Chroma™ RGB lighting comes up with ~16.8 million colors that can also be customized through Razer Synapse software.

    It is an ideal mouse for jitter clicking as its mechanical switches are guaranteed to deliver up to 50 million clicks.

    • It is capable of delivering 50 million clicks
    • Agreeable for palm grip users
    • 16000 DPI
    • Classic design
    • Offers greater customization
    • Expensive
    • Mis-clicking might occur