Experience fastest clicks ever by the Roccat Kone AIMO that will boost your gaming to unimaginable heights. It is a great addition to the Roccat Kone series. Roccat Kone AIMO is ,no doubt, an ideal mouse one can have for drag clicking.

It is equipped with the Roccat Owl-Eye Optical sensor that offers 16000 DPI. This sensor offers best results in terms of precision and accuracy. It has 50G acceleration with 250ips maximum speed.

The 23 programmable buttons function impressively well. Although all of these buttons are not placed on the mouse, there are only three of them there. 

The Easy-Shift[+] button that works as the Function key on your keyboard will have to be pressed to allow these buttons to perform their secondary function. This way, you’ll benefit from 23 possible functions.

Weighing about 130 grams, it is much heavier than its counterparts. Furthermore, the Omron switches give a 1ms response time with a 1000Hz polling rate.

Other than that, it’s comfortable for palm grip users and customizable too. 

  • Excellent Build Structure
  • Incredible Button Placement
  • Lighting works great
  • The Software offers a variety of customizable options
  • Customer service not very fast to respond


By offering customizations and those 17 programmable buttons at even a lighter weight (88 grams) , Roccat Kone Pure Owl-Eye has finally conquered the third position for the best drag clicking mice.

This mouse grants customized features through its 17 highly programmable buttons. All of these 17 buttons aren’t actually placed on it but the Easy-Shift[+] button Duplicator Technology, by the same token, enables 17 different functions. These 17 buttons make it absolutely perfect for drag clicking.

The clicks are responsive and louder. The response time is as quick as 1ms. There’s a 1.8m braided USB cable with it.

It mainly appeals to those gamers who desire for a light-weighted mouse. Furthermore, it is equipped with a Roccat Owl-Eye optical sensor for pinpoint accuracy. It attains 12000 DPI through its first class optical sensor.

Through Pro-Grip surface, it helps you maintain maximum control over your mouse. 

What makes it ideal for drag clicking is its buttons and the various functions they offer. With that they also give distinct feedback. A good grip and a lightweight can also be some factors that makes it remarkable for this type of clicking.

  • Surface Texture is smooth and grip
  • Great shape & design
  • Not Heavy
  • Excellent Build Quality
  • Durable Scroll wheel
  • Works better for small & medium sized hands


Offering the best performing optical sensor (Logitech PMW3366) , Logitech has continued to impress it’s audience.

This mouse is light weight which makes it easier for you to make instant moves while maintaining comfort.

Durability has also been part of these mice.20 million clicks have been expected from the side buttons of Daedalus Apex.If I try to explain this, it would seem like you are playing games all day long , every day continuously for several years.

Moving towards the buttons, G303 comes up with 6 Programmable buttons. Along with which is The metal spring button tensioning system.

The DPI ranges between 200 to 12000.

In order to enhance the looks , Customizable RGB lighting has been added too along with some additional features in it which are pretty amazing.

To make the best out of the g303’s features you should be installing the logitech softwares which offers a good User experience, this is costless too.

You can simply do customizations.

Software also offers 2 preset surfaces( logitech mouse pads), however you can add more too. This feature provides an impressive performance when tested on different surfaces.

Overall this mouse has a high-end performance and serves with an incredible experience therefore has been selected as a recommendation for you.

  • Impressive DPI Range
  • Offers Good RGB Lighting Customizability
  • Comfortable Design & Light weighted
  • Allows Rapid Clicks
  • Double-clicking may happen sometimes


The Glorious Model D that was manufactured by a well renowned brand,Glorious PC Gaming Race is a dream mouse for many esports professionals out there. It is a great combination of exclusive features that gamers with unique clicking styles desire for.

It is interesting to note that it can deliver 20 million clicks through its Omron mechanical switches hence a large room for drag clicking. The smooth gliding surface makes it even more appropriate as the gliding shape enables a quick burst of clicks.

The grip of the mouse is a foremost factor that must be considered while practising drag clicking and this mouse won’t disappoint you in this matter. You can conveniently place your hand on its ergonomic shape and enjoy your gaming session. There’s a slight bump on the left hand side with a comfortable thumb rest.

It is available in matte white and black both so you can opt for any color you like.

The weight is feathery light i.e. 69 grams and maximum DPI is 12000 while its tracking speed is more than 250 IPS. There is a DPI indicator on the bottom of the mouse. It is also equipped with 6 buttons.

Go get yourself  Glorious Model D if you frequently practice any of these clicks; jitter,  butterfly or drag.

  • Eye-Catching Design
  • Amazing Performance For Drag Clicking
  • Allows a comfortable experience even for extended hours of gaming
  • Light Weight Ergonomic Mouse
  • Great value for money
  • Not Recommended for Left-Handed Users


Glorious Model O is also designed by Glorious PC Gaming Race. Having already discussed with you the Glorious Model D, you’ll see that both of these share most of the features.  What really sets them apart is Glorious Model O’s ambidextrous shape(it was earlier mentioned that Model D comes with an ergonomic shape). Its ambidextrous shape will specifically attract left handed gamers and also those who are looking for a much symmetrical mouse.

Like Glorious Model D this one’s also recommended for drag, jitter and butterfly clicking. The six buttons are fully programmable, they can be customized directly through the mouse and doesn’t require any software. 

Correspondent to the Glorious Model D, it is also equipped with the Omron Mechanical Switch that is rated for 20 million clicks hence a great feature of it.

Coming towards its specifications, they are almost like that of Glorious Model D. The DPI is 12000 that can be remapped through software. Both of these use Pixart® PMW-3360 Sensor to enable perfect tracking, zero mouse acceleration with a 1000 hertz polling rate.

It is lightweight particularly due to the honeycomb shell, it’s only 68 grams.

Well,it’s up to you now. If you are seeking for a good ambidextrous mouse that is also perfect for drag clicking, Glorious Model O can be a good option for you.

  • Extremely Light Wieght
  • Offers Impressive Comfortablilty
  • Designed for a smooth user experience
  • Customer support doesn't respond timely


Roccat Kone Pure Ultra is another outstanding mouse for drag clicking. The weight is only 66.5 grams so it’s one of the lightest mice available in the market.

It can be purchased at an affordable rate that makes it a budget friendly mouse. 

Despite being inexpensive, it still has impressive features. Hybrid anti-wear coating enables durability along with a good grip. This coating also prevents dirt from accumulating on its surface. The grippy and durable surface makes it best for drag clicking. It is equipped with the Roccat® Owl-Eye optical sensor that enables precise and accurate tracking during intense gaming sessions. On top of that, it has 16000 DPI.

It also features a 1.8m flexible cable. There’s  AIMO illumination on the Roccat logo that adds to its aesthetic looks. It also has 9 programmable keys.

However, like Roccat Kone AIMO and Roccat Kone Pure Owl-Eye it does not offer alternative button functions through the Easy-Shift[+] button.

This ultralight ergonomic mouse permits excellent performance. Its smooth gliding surface, 9 programmable buttons and a firm grip makes it one of the ideal mice for drag clicking.