Logitech G Pro Wireless

DPI: 25,600 Max
Buttons 6 Buttons
Weight: 80g
Dimensions: 125mm x 63.5mm x 40 mm
Connections: Wireless

In the past few years , Logitech has emerged as an authority in the gaming industry by serving customers with quality products specially targeting mice.

With zero smoothing, acceleration or filtering from 100 to 25600 DPI, it manages to deliver you with the optimum performance. Its adequate performance makes it incomparable to its counterparts.

Logitech G Pro wireless is a power efficient mouse with an enduring battery of up to 60 hours without RGB lighting but if you turn them on it will work for only 48 hours. You would surely be pleased to hear that it consumes 10 times less power.

The preeminent part is that Logitech devised Powerplay feature in its device which enables the user to charge their mice whilst using them. Besides you can charge it before your gaming tournament and can play without worrying about its long running battery.

As it is a powerplay compatible mouse, it is recommended to have a powerplay pad as well that you will need to purchase on your own.

A delicate and ultra light mouse like this one doubles the joy of gaming since it is easy to make flickery movements without aching your hand. It is as light as 80 grams with a 1mm outer shell that acts as a supporting framework. It guarantees durability and is examined to be used up to 250km that is more than enough.

This wireless mouse works out the issues of latency, power and connectivity to provide accordant connection. It is embedded with 4-8 programmable buttons allowing customized use through Logitech G HUB.

You can change them from zero to four according to your own desire.

Not only this, it also has ~16.8M color to customize your setup and make it look appealing. There’s an RGB light zone on the logo of Logitech. LIGHTSYNC also responds to the ongoing gaming actions through its amazing lighting features, all of which can be programmed via Logitech G HUB.

Professionals dove deep into each platform to know what esports professionals like you really crave for, so after a deep analysis they reached to a conclusion to invent Logitech G Pro wireless that has perfect shape, weight and feel as esports professionals desire for.

The hand lies conveniently on the ergonomic shaped mouse. Nevertheless, it is highly expensive due to the fact that it fulfils your anticipation through commendable performance.

It is the best mouse one can have, believe me you won’t regret purchasing it.

  • Lightweight
  • Side buttons are great
  • Extraordinary Battery life
  • Incredible side buttons
  • A bit costly
  • Not a good fit for large hands


DPI 16,000
Buttons 10 Buttons
Weight 121g
Dimensions 132mm x 75mm x 40 mm
Connections Wired

Securing a good position on our table for the best palm grip mice had been a tough job for Logitech G502 SE hero.

Beginning with it’s design , it’s a combo of matte black and glossy plastic.It comes with 10 buttons.

The shiny metallic scroll wheel further adds up to the aesthetic looks of the mouse ,the button placed behind the wheel allows spinning for almost 10 seconds+ and lets the user to easily skip useless and boring content on their screen instantly.

Customizable RGB lighting has been added for the logitech logo and Dpi indicators, but note that the Dpi indicators won’t stay lit.

The button Placement is good , and along with that buttons are easy to differentiate and even reduced misclicks are observed.

The DPI range falls between 100 to 16,000.

To maximize the utility derived from the mouse , you must plan for the buttons and give the logitech’s customization software a try , which is pretty easy to handle.

Atlast , the mouse features flexibility for weight customization too.

The mouse isn’t preferred much for large hands because of it being narrow.

  • Led lighting
  • Weight is adjustable
  • Impressive sensor
  • Dpi indicators won’t remain on
  • Sides grips should be improved


DPI 18,000
Buttons 7 Buttons
Weight 105g
Dimensions 13cm x 8cm x 4.3cm
Connections Wired/Wireless

Corsair Iron claw like many other mice in the market is run-of-the-mill.

Its contour shape fits your hand comfortably on it. It has smooth matte plastic on its buttons along with grippy rubber sides to hold it firmly and carry out precise tracking.

Basically, it is designed for right handed gamers to fit their hand perfectly onto the curved surface of the mouse.

On top of that, it comes with both wired and wireless variants which you can opt as per your convenience. The maximum DPI is 18000 that is even adjusted through a DPI switch.

Omron switches are durable for more than 50 million clicks and that’s really great!

7 fully programmable buttons are present in this mouse. There’re RGB zones on the Corsair logo, on the left and front side as well as on the scroll wheel. Although these lights are not really bright but are lower than you expect in an RGB product. Nonetheless, it has more weight and is expensive than other mice.

  • Impressive comfortability
  • Compatible for wired & wireless
  • strong structure
  • Works great for larger hands too
  • RGB lighting isn’t placed well
  • No wireless charging


DPI 16,000
Buttons 11 Buttons
Weight 87g
Dimensions 127.8 mm x 71.0mm x 41.5 mm
Connections Wired

The strong curve and the wide base enhances your comfort ,You can easily hold this one in your right hand.HyperX is comparatively lighter too!

It comes with 11 buttons with five of them on the left side, however we observed that some buttons are placed close enough that you can accidentally click the Wrong one.

Although the shape overall isn’t large , but for small hands the thumb macro button might fall out of their comfort zone and would require some extra effort to reach it.This issue most probably will not be faced by gamers.

At an affordable price the mouse offers upto 16,000 dpi, and that’s pretty cool.

At the end , the mouse provides Impressive functionality , however has some problems for some users.If you are good enough to handle this mouse then I would recommend this as a great option!

  • Good Price-to-Performance
  • Strong Build quality
  • Programmable buttons (11 buttons)
  • Slight issues with buttons placement


DPI 20,000
Buttons 8 Buttons
Weight 82g
Dimensions 12.7 cm x 7 cm x 4.4 cm
Connections Wired
Lighting RGB Lighting

Razer deathadder V2 personally being my best , has a lot for you to be convinced to pay some extra bucks for.

Starting up with the scroll wheel , the smoothness has really impressed me.

The new wire called ‘speedflex cable’ will assist you in mouse movements even if you get lazy enough, as it is pretty flexible.

Along with that , Razer had improved the left and right buttons too, by increasing their durability, as a result of them being optical.

This ensures that you make lesser misclicks.Moreover they are expected to last longer comparatively ( 70 million clicks Approx.)

Razer had done an addition of a new button on the base of the mouse.

Moving forward, V2 is coated in matte black which enhances your mouse grip and increases comfortability therefore allowing the use to extend for a couple of more hours.

Towards the downside , the buttons aren’t positioned very well, and if smaller hands are taken into account, the side buttons might go unreachable.

Now as you are well informed about the mouse’s Pros and Cons , You gotta make the move and decide if this can workout for you too!

  • 20,000 DPI ( It’s customizable)
  • Durable buttons
  • Comfortable using experience
  • Smooth scroll wheel
  • Better for right-handed users


Buttons 6 Buttons (Programmable )
Weight 88.3g
Dimensions 12.8 cm x 6 cm x 4.2 cm
Connections Wired
Lighting RGB Lighting ( Logo)

Steelseries Rival 310 falls into the bracket of finest mice available around the globe. The ergonomic right-handed design with pure silicone side grips delivers comfortable and relaxing use.

It is laminated with fingerprint resistant semi-rough matte top finish and fiber reinforced plastics to make it lighter and firm enough for long term use. 

Steelseries Rival 310 features an exclusive split-trigger mouse button designed by Omron that is rated for 50 million clicks enabling constant clicking. It is designed for both palm and claw grip types. 

In second place, it uses a TrueMove3 Optical sensor that was manufactured by Steelseries in cooperation with Pixart. It undergoes true 1 to 1 tracking from 100 to 3500 CPI that permits accuracy and low latency. 

The components were thoroughly examined that they will function properly whilst their light weight. Resultantly, it is only 88.3 grams or 3.1 ounces and attains peak performance. 2 RGB zones that can be independently controlled are present on the scroll wheel and on Steelseries’s logo.

Their colors can be adjusted in accordance with one’s preference through Steelseries Engine software. A 32-bit ARM processor is embedded to save CPI settings. It has up to 12000 CPI with more than 350 IPS ability.

You won’t come across any errors, stability issues or delays in response time. The strong point is that it offers comfortable use at an affordable price.

  • Provides the worth for the price
  • Easy to use ( good shape + lightweight)
  • Incredible structure quality
  • Not highly priced
  • Adjusting weight isn’t possible


DPI 3200 Max
Buttons 5 Buttons (Programmable )
Weight 90g
Dimensions 12 cm x 6.4 cm x 4 cm
Connections Wired
Lighting No

On the far bottom of the list we have Ben-Q Zowie EC2-B, but that doesn’t mean it is the worst mouse, not to forget it still comes under the list of best palm grip mice and passing through our list finalization stage wasn’t easy.

Above all, it is widely recommended for its convenient use. It has 5 buttons in all, two on the sides, a scroll wheel and polling rate button on the bottom.

It is not too heavy as it weighs only 95g. Ben-Q Zowie EC2-B is ergonomically designed for right-handed users and also for those with big hands.

The curved area on the right side allows the users to place their hand comfortably on it with fingers covering all of it, thus allowing bigger wrist movements. It is designed to support both claw grip and palm grip.

The buttons are fitted in such a way that they come directly under the thumb to maintain easy and quick use. It has a 3360 sensor with a maximum DPI of 3200. 

It is a wired mouse without an RGB. Moreover, it does not give you the option of personalized use so there’s no software in it.

This mouse is inexpensive so you can get a really good mouse at an affordable rate.

  • Affordable price
  • No requirements for software
  • Ergonomically designed for right hands
  • Works for Big hands too
  • Doesn’t offer customizations