How to choose the best gaming chair for your needs


Ergonomics are important in choosing the right gaming chair. A good ergonomic design will provide support for your back & neck when sitting upright, along with a headrest cushion that can be adjusted up or down as desired and help you achieve a comfortable seating position that can be maintained for long periods of time. Adjustability for armrests, height or adjustable lumbar support will allow you to customize the gaming chair according to your needs. Moreover, an essential feature of any gaming chair is the tilt mechanism, which allows you to adjust and lock the chair in different positions. In short, make sure it offers complete ergonomic features so that you get the best experience while gaming.

Build Quality

High-quality materials are needed for a durable gaming chair. You should avoid chairs made of cheap plastic or fabric that could tear easily, but instead opt for one with high-density padding and breathable mesh material on its seat & backrest to ensure durability. Moreover, the quality of the base is also important because it must be able to carry your weight without tipping over, so look for an aluminium base that is strong enough to support the weight.

Price Range

The price of any product is worth considering. You can find some quality chairs in a reasonable price range, but if you’re on a budget then choose one with fewer features instead of paying extra for unnecessary add-ons. Also, look out for offers such as free shipping or money-back guarantees where applicable so that you don't get stuck with something that doesn't meet your expectations. If possible, go through customer reviews about different models before making up your mind because it will help you make an informed decision while getting value for your hard-earned money. 

Size & Weight Capacity

Make sure that the chair will fit in your room or office. It also should be able to accommodate you with all of your gear on (you wouldn't want to take off backpacks and coats just so you can sit).  Consider if there is enough leg space for someone who's taller than average, especially if they'll use it too. There are chairs available that support up to 300lbs but make sure not to go overboard when buying because it would look weird sitting down on a huge armchair designed only for kids!  


Adjustability is essential, and a chair must offer enough customization that one could find his/her ideal posture. The chair should have an adjustable lumbar support pillow that allows you to fit it in your lower back. It also helps if the armrests are adjustable enough so when elbows are resting on them, hands will be at the optimum position. A good gaming chair must allow adjusting its height and tilting capabilities too!


You can find various materials for a gaming chair and most of them offer the same amount of comfort and support. The deciding factor will be your preference: leather or mesh? It really all boils down to what you're looking for in a chair- if it's luxury, then go for those made from real leather but those with allergies should avoid chairs that have been upholstered with fabric or natural materials as they can cause discomfort or irritation when used over time. Gaming chairs that are made up of mesh material are more durable, lightweight, and are breathable for better overall comfort.

Advanced Features 

Gaming chairs are designed to provide the player with comfort and support, but there's more. Some models come with built-in speakers or Bluetooth features for better entertainment while playing! There are even some models that have cup holders, side pockets, etc., so you can store your belongings without having them on the floor.

Sitting in a good quality gaming chair will make it easier to enjoy every game session without worrying too much about back pains or other discomforts because of sitting straight up all day. These advanced designs would ensure maximum relaxation when engaged in long hours of game playing sessions whether you're at home or work!

Ergohuman LE9ERG Swivel Chair

The overall best chair in our list is the Ergohuman LE9ERG Chair, looking at it we see it has an absolutely sleek design that is meant to deliver the next level of comfort for users.

To keep you healthy and comfortable, this chair features an array of adjustabilities to achieve a perfect position that meets your personal needs hence minimizing back pain. At first, the depth of this chair is adjustable that depending on your weight or you preferably adjust it.

The seat's back height can also be adjusted and the headrest can be tilted forward or backwards, it is height and tilt adjustable but not removable. You can lean back and lock in three various positions while turning the knob on the side you can increase tension.

Together with these the armrests are adjustable too, can be moved up or down, pivoted in or out or moved back or forth. It is upholstered in luxurious black leather, the back seat and headrest are fully padded.

The Synchro-tilt mechanism also keeps you comforted and supported. Its contoured padded seat paired with the flexible lumbar will assist you during long sessions of gaming. The waterfall designed seat lowers streets on the back of your knees and supports lower legs.

Most importantly, it is an eco-friendly product that does less damage to the environment and most of the materials used in its construction can be recycled.

  • Lots of adjustments
  • Eco-friendly
  • Waterfall seat design
  • On fleek look
  • Quick assembly

    Secretlab TITAN Evo 2022 Series

    Secretlab TITAN Evo is an award-winning chair and sets a way to heavenly comfort through its innovative design. It actually focuses on comfort and durability which are the foremost aspects that help develop a fine gaming chair. It has been developing for the past two years and after spending ample time in its planning and construction, we can imagine how great it is gonna be.

    To make myself even clearer, let's go into the depth of each of its features. I would put more emphasis on its comfort giving features for which you are here as they indeed help resolve the occurrence of aches. First and foremost, the patent-padding cold cure foam gives a cradling feel and is perfect for relieving pressure.

    Deeper into it, the proprietary sculpted pebble seat base has gently curved edges which slide you to the centre of the seat to get a healthy sitting position and to make you sit easily and naturally.

    The upholstery is now twelve times more durable than the ordinary PU leather making it stand out from other chairs.

    The fabric is very breathable and light that keeps you cool and fresh improving your productivity during games. The lumbar support occupies a crucial space in our eyes whenever we are trying to find a solution for back pain. Its lumbar support is the joy of joys and a final solution to irresistible back pain.

    We are pleased with the way the lumbar can be adjusted, adapt it your way and fit it perfectly in your lower back curve by moving it up, down, in or out. 

    Vertagear SL5000

    The Vertagear SL5000 being one of the favourites is the best solution for back pain sufferers. Gaming is fun for the first few days until you start suffering from back and neck pain.

    Engrossed in gaming we usually forget to maintain an upright, healthy posture but guess what we came up with an excellent solution for this, Vertagear's fully ergonomic design will keep you in a great posture.

    It gives good lumbar and neck support, the neck and lumbar detachable cushions use standard memory foam for ultimate comfort. However, its counterparts are relatively more contoured with an S-like shape.

    Adjustability is the top-notch feature of this chair. The armrest's four directional adjustments keep your forearms relaxed preventing fatigued shoulders. With armrests, the backrest can also be customized at angles ranging from 80° to 140° to help you find the appropriate position for yourself.

    Once you're done gaming, kick back and recline to relax your body by stretching. Its tilt and locking mechanism will eliminate the chances of occasional slippage. The seat height can be adjusted too, to match with your desk's height.

    This chair can conveniently fit in users of different shapes and heights, you can make the adjustments accordingly and get a chance to game all day without any pain.

    The steel frame is very durable and guarantees for up to a 10-year use. Covered in Ultra Premium High Resilience Foam, this chair will give you desired comfort levels for years.

    The aluminum alloy five star base is although very lightweight but ensures durability and stability. The durable steel frame, aluminum alloy base, Penta RS1 Casters and UPHR foam all give a way to the most refined chair for back pain. 

    • Great adjustability
    • UPHR Foam
    • Tilt mechanism
    • Sturdy aluminum alloy base
    • Not gives that contoured lumbar support that other chairs do

    Herman Miller Aeron

    As soon as you lay your eyes on its four-digit price tag, you're rooted to the spot. Wanna know the mystery behind it being so extortionate, read our article "Why are Herman Miller chairs so expensive?"

    Although if we look closely and do some calculations, over a 12-year time use this chair doesn't cost you too much.

    While the estimated per year cost will be approximately a hundred or maybe two hundred dollars for each year, it will be reasonable. Ain't that better than investing in a middle-class chair that will only last well for a few years, don't forget it comes with a sufficient warranty too.

    So once it's in your head that it isn't that bad over a 12 year time period, let's look deeper into what it offers for this price.

    To keep your back pain-free this chair offers a range of incredible features. At first, its Tilt Limiter with Seat Angle Adjustment features allows three positions to be reclined with seat angles changed from neutral to engaged.

    The innovative PostureFit SL support follows the natural shape of the human body supporting the lumbar to keep you fit and healthy.

    While your back is supported, the waterfall design improves blood circulation and keeps thighs free of fatigue. More about ergonomics, the armrests are adjustable. Their height adjustment, sliding back or forth or pivoting in or out, all make it user friendly. 

    The mesh material upholstery allows a good amount of air to circulate keeping you sweat-free and fresh boosting your productivity. Its material is relaxing and comfortable. 

    On a final note, Herman Miller chairs have the maximum guarantee of 12 years, within this period they can be replaced or repaired by expert technicians. 

    • High end components
    • 12 year warranty
    • Lots of adjustments
    • Best recline function
    • Best recline function

    AKRacing Masters Series Max Gaming Chair

    AKRacing Masters Series Max Gaming Chair gives the best value for your money and is a must for every gaming setup. Its sturdiness and comfort level is beyond anyone's anticipation and is a true dream chair for every ardent gamer.

    Talking about its ergonomics, the curved back of this chair will help you maintain a natural position that will support your spine so less pressure is on your lower back thus alleviating back pain. There's a detachable lumbar cushion for extra comfort.

    Lots of adjustability features have been offered so you can choose the best position for yourself in which you can snug properly and enjoy games for hours. Height can easily be adjusted through the gas lift. The 4D armrests can be adjusted in four directions, you can move them upward/downward, forward/backward, inward/outward or can even rotate to the sides to find the most comfortable way of resting your arms and wrists.

    They are made with a special foam mix that gives enhanced comfort to reduce chances of sore shoulders and fatigue in arms and wrists. However, the tilt inward and outward feature is a bit annoying for some users as you unintentionally move it while moving the chair, it would have been much better with a lock mechanism

    Other than its ergonomics, the steel frame is well built and can last for up to 10 years. This durable frame can withstand users weighing up to 400 lbs. through its study aluminum base. The 100% cold cured foam is very comfortable and soft.

    Its premium quality automotive grade PU leather upholstery will not peel off easily and the manufacturer has guaranteed it to last for 5 years. It comes in 5 color ranges so you can match this chair with your setup too. It also features the "Rock & Lock" to help you recline and lock at any angle up to 180°.

    • Lumbar and headrest cushions
    • Rock and Lock feature
    • Naturally curved design
    • 100% cold cured foam
    • Sturdy aluminum base
    • It's much appropriate for big and tall gamers
    • Tilt feature would have been better with a lock mechanism

    AutoFull Gaming Chair

    AutoFull Pink Gaming Chair is a perfect pain relieving chair for pro gamers who'd spend their whole day and night in front of their gaming setup. Thanks to its ergonomic design that will hug you back and support you during long, intense  gaming sessions.

    The soft, removable cushion for lumbar support will enhance the comfort level. After hours of gaming, you can kick back and recline on this chair at any angle between 90-155. It also gives you an option of swiveling 360° round for perfect relaxation.

    The seat height and 2D armrests are adjustable so you can easily fit it into your height and size. The lumbar and neck cushions are attached to support your neck and waist. It was designed keeping in mind the requirements of a gaming chair that helps reduce back pain.

    The manufacturers didn't compromise on its quality. The firm metal frame with a heavy-duty nylon base can support gamers of almost 350 pounds. The premium quality PU leather and a cotton fabric has been used to give a smoother feel.

    The PU leather can be cleaned easily with a wet cloth so it's graceful look can be maintained. Anti-collapse seat cushion has 50% higher density than the ordinary cushions used in other chairs.

    Assembling this chair would hardly take some of your time and you'd praise how heavenly comfortable it is. You can work or play for hours and won't even feel a bit of back pain. 

    The manufacturer guarantees money-back replacement within 30 days if it does not live up to your expectations. Its parts come with a warranty of 6 years, head over to AutoFull for excellent after sale services.

    • Gives maximum support to neck and back
    • High density seat cushion
    • Adjustable height and armrests
    • Easy replacement with a great warranty for parts
    • Too short for tall gamers

    X Rocker Pro Series Floor Video Gaming Chair

    X Rocker chairs are known for their immersive gaming sessions. While other chairs have two to three speakers, X Rocker Pro H3 features four speakers with a subwoofer that uses the AFM technology. The volume, bass and vibration can be controlled through the control panel.

    The improved sound quality and the audio's bass tones will intensify your gaming and entertain you fully for hours. The 4.1 audio will amaze you during movie sessions, gaming, music where you can not only hear but also feel it. Its robust speakers are what we like most about it. 

    This chair won't disappoint you in regards to its ergonomics. It is so comfortable that you'll cherish every moment with it. The fixed gunstock armrests, heavy-duty padded backrest and headrest will make sure that you don't get back or neck pain while gaming.

    Playing all day and night will no longer be a problem for you, with gaming you'll also get the perfect comfort that each one of us desires. This chair won't let you ruin your mood by neck or back pain.

    The durable wood and metal frame is covered in vinyl and for easy cleaning. Although some users complain that the PU leather used starts to tear off after longer use.

    For this you can either cover it with some other fabric or put a cushion on the seat. It can withstand users weighing 275 pounds and can be connected with other X Rocker chairs for a perfect gaming session with your friends. 

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    • Four robust speakers and subwoofers
    • Easy storage
    • Firm build
    • Wireless 4.1 audio
    • Fixed height
    • The seat's upholstery has poor quality

    GT Racing Gaming Chair

    The GT Racing Gaming Chair is the best option for buyers on a tight budget, it finds itself a suitable place in our list for being an astounding chair under 200 dollars.

    Budget-conscious buyers, here's what you're searching for, this chair is the finest at relieving back pain. A high 170° back recline supported by its robust backrest is good enough to relieve pressure.

    The pillows are adjustable and support your neck and lumbar regardless of what posture you are sitting, they can be removed and adjusted to one's preferences. The backrest is thickly padded and the seat cushion is soft and comfortable.

    Not only are the heights of the well-padded armrests adjustable but also they can be pivoted in or out to support elbows and lift your gaming experience. The weight capacity is limited to people weighing 300 lbs.

    Furthermore, as it's a cheap chair you'll observe more plastic parts in it which lowers its build quality a little bit. The seat is 15 inches wide with 3 inches of cushioning. With all that known, it has an ideal option for those on a tight budget if its dimensions and weight suits you. 

    • Cheaper
    • Adjustable height, cushions and armrests
    • You can recline at 170°, rock or swivel 360° round on this chair
    • Strong five wheel base
    • Seat might be too narrow or uncomfortable for some users
    • Supports 300 lbs gamers only
    • Lots of plastic parts

    KILLABEE massage Gaming Chair

    Killabee is relatively less expensive and a solid choice for gamers with lower back pain. It is a multipurpose working and gaming chair that will lessen minor back pain you frequently face.

    Of course anyone spending on a gaming chair would like it to last for years, so is the case with Killabee Gaming Chair that is firmly built and durable enough to serve you well for a longer time.

    The chair was examined carefully during construction and high quality materials were used to make it sturdier and better than its counterparts. It can withstand 250lbs weight through its robust metal frame and base that has smooth-rolling caster wheels.

    The thick soft cushion on the seat upholstered in premium quality PU leather gives ultimate comfort of such a level that you'd not leave this chair for hours. You can snug into this chair that supports your spine and neck through its ultra high backrest.

    Height-regulating feature allows you to customize the chair and set a suitable height on which you're comfortable.

    However, it's massage feature is not so good and can alleviate minor back pain only. Apart from this, the retractable footrest is not suitable for tall gamers, but small or medium ones would be at ease with it. Killabee is a wise choice but the massage function and retractable footrest are the downsides of this chair. If you want better a massage function do consider other options in our list. 

    • Sturdy built
    • Adjustable height
    • Upholstery is easy to clean and water-resistant
    • Retractable footrest is short for tall gamers
    • Massage function is not so good

    Goplus Massage Gaming Chair

    As our article is focused more towards chairs that minimize back pain so we're deeply discussing with you the ergonomics and comfort giving features of each chair. Goplus massage gaming chair's embracing shaped design will fit you into a naturally S like curved shape that reduces the stress upon your spine thus lowering back pain.

    It's great that even after hours on this chair, you won't feel uncomfortable as the seat is made up of a high density sponge that is resilient and comfy. This thick sponge is upholstered in a PU leather that is easy to clean, skin-friendly and water resistant too. 

    The backrest is adjustable so you can recline at an angle falling between 90° to 140° and take a nap to renew your energy after lots of gaming. It gives a perfect level of comfort through its ergonomic design. Most of the gaming chairs we've listed here do not have a retractable footrest.

    Anyone looking for a great chair with a footrest can take this one into consideration. It relaxes your legs while supporting your lower limbs for premium comfort. The massage features of this chair are awesome.

    2 massage spots on the back and 2 on the lumbar can loosen up your muscles and improve blood circulation. With backrest and footrest, the massage function is adjustable too and allows you to regulate its mode, strength, position and time. Apart from this, it equips a side pouch and a cup holder to help you easily hold accessories or beverages. 

    However the only drawback we have come across of Goplus Massage Gaming Chair is that its height cannot be adjusted. Unfortunately you cannot match it with your desk's height for a comfortable position. Besides this, Goplus Massage Gaming Chair is a great option for you.

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    • 8 massage functions
    • Thick high density foam
    • Retractable foot for comfort
    • Side pouch and a cup holder for ease
    • Fixed height