Palm grip is widely used for it’s natural and comfortable way of keeping the user’s hand relaxed on the mouse.

About 70% of the hand rests on the mouse , thumb and pinky finger are pressed on either side to keep a good grip. Thumb and pinky fingers are parallel to one another keeping them balanced. As most of the hand lies on it, palm grip mice are usually wider and longer.

Advantageously, it gives relaxed grip with a smooth control and works accurately in gliding movements in games.They are mostly used in less sensitive games and for tracking.

However, it might lead to RSI( repetitive strain injury) if used for long hours without brief intervals in between.Moreover,  it is not applicable for games with steady , flickering movements.It also can’t do the micro adjustments properly.

  • Relaxed Grip
  • Accurate in gliding movements
  • Good for less sensitive games
  • Increased chances of RSI
  • Not suitable for steady flickering games
  • Difficult to perform micro adjustments


Claw grip refers to putting the end of your palm on the rear of the mouse and using your pinky,thumb to grab the mouse from both sides and placing your index and middle finger on the top of the mouse.

The hand is in less contact with the mouse this time, resulting in better wrist Movement, therefore allows the user the ability to perform micro-adjustments, along with this you can even do rapid clicking.

As there is more control in this grip as compared to palm grip, fast gliding motions can easily be performed.

Apart from improved flexibility and sharpness in movement, the accuracy can be compromised as a result!

  • Able to perform micro adjustments
  • Rapid clicking
  • Can work for aiming
  • Fast gliding motions
  • Easy to pick up the mouse from surface
  • Can lead to inaccuracy
  • Can lead to inaccuracy


In this grip, the palm plays no role , as it’s not directly in contact with the mouse , instead only the fingertips control the mouse. This grip can contribute for a great combo with smaller mice.

Their is better control as compared to the previous grips and therefore more freedom as now vertical movements are also possible.With finger tip grip mouse being solely controlled by the fingers, micro adjustments are easy to perform. Furthermore, this allows higher accuracy.

However, as the palm no more is in contact with mouse , the pinky and thumb observe more stress,Moreover, the ability of making sudden wider movements is gone.

  • Allows vertical movement
  • High accuracy
  • Micro adjustments
  • Slower flicks
  • Stress on thumb and pinky