EZDIY-FAB PWM white led Ring Fan

Fan dimension 120*120*25mm
Fan speed 400-1600 RPM
Max airflow 32.67 CFM
Bearing type Hydraulic Bearing
Rated voltage 12V
Noise 28.64db.A
Connection PWM 4PIN
Life expectancy 30000H
Item weight 1.12 pounds

EZDIY-FAB 120mm PWM White led ring fan is yet another recommendation we have for you for best white led case fans. Priced at $18, it is really inexpensive so you can easily get a great fan at a very affordable rate.

A big thanks to EZDIY-FAN for innovating high quality specialized products which permits nothing but perfection. 

Great airflow is generated by its uniquely designed 12 blades. These fans dissipate heat very quickly while running at 1600 RPM. Although this speed can be controlled through a 4-pin PWM connector. Each fan has an airflow of 32.67CFM.

A minimal noise of as low as 28.64 decibels  is created during this so you'll get a disturbance-free peaceful gaming environment. This reduced noise is achieved by its high quality Hydraulic bearing that is durable for up to 30000 hours, hence enabling a large room for cooling.

Also the 8 damping silicone pads that are fixed on the sides of its frame bring about ultra-silent cooling. These 8 silicone shockproof pads also guarantee that the fans won't vibrate while they are operating.  

Spectacular LED lights are radiated that enriches the beauty of your PC case. With each fan, there are 15 LEDs that are neatly arranged on its circumference. 

Well, more about these fans is that they weigh 1.15 pounds only. In the package you will receive 3 white led PWM case fans with 12 mounting screws.

  • Affordable
  • Less vibration due to 8 shockproof silicone pads
  • Durability for 30000 hours
  • Leds aren't that bright. They'll get dim if the voltage controlled header is used.

UpHere 120mm High Airflow Quiet Edition White Case Fan

Lights 12 ultra-bright LED lights
Fan dimension 120*120*25mm
Fan speed 1200 RPM
Max airflow 32.7 CFM
Bearing type Hydraulic bearing
Rated voltage 12V
Noise 14.8db.A
Connection 3 pin + power 4-pin
Life expectancy 40000H
Weight 164g

With powerful White LED illumination and an elegant design, upHere 120mm 3-pack 3-pin case fan also features strong airflow for optimum cooling. Not only this, it also operates at incredibly low noise(14.8 decibels). In simple words we can say that it is a great combination of exclusive features at an amazingly low cost i.e. $16.

It is equipped with a Hydraulic Bearing that delivers durability and stability. This bearing enables an amazing life expectancy of upto 40000 hours. 

1200 revolutions per minute can be delivered by these high quality fans and each of them can push up to a maximum airflow of 32.7CFM. The 9 fan blades are designed in such a way that they allow high-volume cooling.

Wide compatibility is offered to its users through a 3-pin and a 4-pin connector. Molex 4-pin connector must be inserted in the right direction otherwise you'll suffer from a short circuit.

Fans are elegantly designed, 12 ultra-bright LED lights are further added to create amazing lighting effects in your PC case.

These fans aren't too bulky, they weigh only 164g.

The installation is pretty easy, yet the amazing part is that it proffers two way installation. This means either you can use these fans for drawing cool air in or to through hot air out.

Now if we talk about the package contents, you're gonna receive 3 of these fans, 3 cable ties and lastly 12 screws.

  • Silent cooling
  • Life expectancy of up to 40000H
  • Two-way installation
  • Affordable price
  • Molex 4-pin connection in wrong direction will cause a short circuit

Corsair ML120 Pro LED White Premium Magnetic Levitation Fan

Fan dimension 120*120*25mm
Fan speed 2000 RPM
Airflow 75 CFM
Bearing type Magnetic bearing
Rated voltage 13.2 volts
Noise 35 db
Weight 6.8 ounces

Corsair ML120 Pro LED White 120mm PWM features magnetically levitated fan that is ultra quiet and generates an airflow of 75 CFM. Its noise is no more than 35 decibels.

These fans spin at 2000 RPM bringing the temperatures down at a very low noise.

They are controlled through 4 Pin PWM connectors so that your motherboard can adjust speed to keep it less noisy. Its adequate features help it achieve first-class performance. 

These are high quality fans with a sturdy built. The cables are sleeved in black that gives an aesthetic look. It is best in terms of quality, airflow and static pressure.

 White LED is amazing and it gives your pc a decent and graceful look. Color customization is also great as the corners are replaceable to match your fan with the rest of the build. It is available in blue, red and white colors. It has attractive packaging and the installation is easy too.

At the end, it gives a 5-year warranty with best after sale services.

  • Bright LED lights
  • Great airflow
  • Longer lifespan
  • Longer lifespan

    Corsair AF120 LED Low Noise Cooling Fan-White Cooling

    Fan dimension 120*120*25mm
    Fan speed 1400 RPM
    Airflow 52 CFM
    Bearing type Hydraulic bearing
    Noise 26 db
    Weight 4.8 ounces

    Corsair AF120 LED Low Noise Cooling Fan makes its way to the second spot of our list for its superlative and unrivalled features. It is a great combination of vivid led lighting, high airflow, extremely low noise and strong static pressure.

    It pulls off 1400 revolutions per minute and attains 52 CFM. The high airflow exhausts the hot air and keeps the case in desired temperatures.

    These are not PWM fans yet the fan speed can be managed via DC voltage only if your motherboard gives you that option, keeping in mind that they have 3-pin connectors.

    Moving on to its lighting, they are the best in terms of brightness and decently glows up the interior of the case. An opaque fan blade facilitates amazing lighting results through diffused illumination . It is available in white, blue and red colours.

    Low noise levels have been accomplished by the assistance of hydraulic bearing and a custom fan blade.

    Summing up, these fans deliver peak performance and have stylish looks. The installation is really easy, therefore a brilliant fan you can have.

    • Low noise operation
    • Bright leds
    • Strong static pressure

      Apevia Cosmos 120mm White LED Ultra Silent Case Fan

      Fan dimension 120*120*25mm
      Fan speed 1350 RPM
      Airflow 57.67 CFM
      Rated voltage 12 VDC
      Noise 24.7 db
      Connection 3-pin and 4-pin
      Life expectancy 25000H
      Static air pressure 0.96mm-H20
      Weight 1.6 pounds

      Level up your pc's cooling game with Apevia white ultra silent case fan. The white led lighting further adds up to its aesthetic looks. The newly designed fan blade helps to achieve phenomenal cooling results along with durability. The 9 transparent fan blades run with 16 amazing LED lights that are placed around the fan motor for a striking look. These fans achieve up to 1350 revolutions per minute with an airflow of 57.67 CFM. 

      To keep it ultra silent, there are four exclusive anti-vibration rubber pads on all corners, these rubber pads keep noise level as low as 24.7 decibels to give you a disturbance free, peaceful gaming environment.

      Moreover, it offers a range of colors i.e. pink, blue, red, green and white to help you match your gaming setup. The best part is that it is durable for up to 25,000 hours enabling a large room for greater cooling.

      It weighs only 1.6 pounds and can move a good amount of air with 0.96mm-H20 static air pressure. It further has a 4-pin Molex and a 3-pin motherboard connector. The installation is easy too.

      • 16 vivid led lights
      • Anti-vibration rubber pads
      • Brilliant cooling for up to 25000 hours
      • Great airflow

        Antec White LED Case Fan, F12 Series

        Fan dimension 120*120*25
        Fan speed 1000 RPM
        Max airflow 30.5 CFM
        Bearing type Fluid Dynamic Bearing
        Rated voltage 12V
        Noise 21.5db.A
        Connection Molex 4PIN
        Air pressure 0.65mm-H20
        Item weight 15.4 ounces

        Antec White LED Case Fan F12 Series offers its users the best  from adequate heat dissipation to stunning white led lights. These fans look great and absolutely decent.

        With 1000 RPM and 30.5 CFM, it manages to ventilate hot air out keeping your pc's temperature as low as possible. The exclusively designed fan blades allow a good circulation of air by an air pressure of 0.65mmH20. 

        The Fluid Dynamic Bearing ensures stability and durability with an ultra low noise of 21.5 dBA. This long running fan delivers maintenance-free use for a long time.

        The spectacular LEDs for striking looks are also available in blue and red colors. These beautiful lighting surround the blade while moving creating a burst of radiant colors.

        It comes with a 4-pin Molex connector and a molex splitter which can be connected to the power supply. These fans also come with fan mounting screws.

        Coming to its end, it has an 18-month warranty with good after sale services. These fans are really cheap so can be easily afforded. With its splendid features, it helps to avoid overheating enabling a long term cool gaming environment.

        • 18-month manufacturer's warranty
        • Classy look
        • Adequate heat dissipation