Thermaltake Riing Plus Radiator fan

FAN SPEED 500 ~ 1500 R.P.M
NOISE 24.7 dB-A
BEARING TYPE Hydraulic Bearing
LIFE EXPECTATION 40,000 hrs,25℃

What makes a good radiator fan is decent airflow, extended lifespan with lowest noise and yes attractive LEDs too, all of these features would drag your gaming to a whole new level.

And guess what, we got one such fan for you right here that is almost perfect in terms of everything, which is why we granted it with the first position in our list for best RGB radiators fan.

Nine dynamically designed fan blades will generate a high airflow for optimum cooling at lowest noise levels. This fan comes with a Hydraulic Bearing to operate at an almost inaudible noise.

Owing to its high quality bearing, the fan is long established and can work amazingly for up to 40000 hours. 

The anti-vibration rubber pads are embedded around it for full protection and a reduction in noise.

12 LEDs independently controlled LEDs gives your setup strikingly radiant look. You can customize your build with 16.8 million colors too. They can be regulated via Digital Light Controller.

It is equipped with an AI interactive voice control for easier and quicker customization. You simply need to command it to turn light on or off, change their colors, adjust fan or lighting speeds etc.

Elegant fan design is enriched by the gorgeous LEDs it equips. Its perfect airflow, static pressure and hydraulic bearing makes it a unique RGB fan for radiator.

  • Extended lifespan
  • Easy installation
  • Fan blades deliver a strong airflow for maximum cooling
  • You can paint your build with 16.8 million colors
  • Comparatively expensive

Deepcool RF120 RGB LED PWM Fan

NOISE 17.8~27dB(A)
BEARING TPYE Hydro Bearing

Deepcool is known for the elite fans it makes that give enhanced cooling solutions and topnotch performance, one such amazing fan by Deepcool is RF120 that integrates 6 bright LEDs for a breathtaking look. It's not only great in terms of look but also benefits gamers with ultimate cooling experience.

Lights can be customized in different modes: breathing, static state and multi-color switching. Six bright LEDs add a magical lighting effect to your build. 

You can control these RGB LEDs either through a Cable controller or RGB Sync motherboard software. LED brightness and lighting speed can also be regulated through this cable controller.

This sturdy fan spins at 500 to 1500 RPM and pushes up to an airflow of 56.5 CFM. A perfect balance is kept between airflow and static pressure for optimized cooling. Noise levels remain in the range of 17.8 to 27 decibels. 

For protection and reduced vibrations, this fan is equipped with rubber pads on the four corners. Deepcool RF120 can be utilized in radiators or as case fans. These fans come in triple pack and are budget-friendly too.

  • Optimum cooling performance
  • Vivid LEDs with magical lighting effects
  • Rubber pads reduce vibrations and shocks
  • Lots of wires

upHere RGB Series Case Fan

This RGB case fan is super quiet, has a long life and double LED ring. It makes use of hydraulic bearing and rubber pads to keep sound levels in the lowest possible limit of at most 17.6 decibels, that is fairly good. Through such measures, they tend not to disturb the gamers with the annoying noise that is created while fans are in operation.

The superlative hydraulic bearing not only reduces noise levels but also boosts the thermal efficiency for ultimate cooling.

With that, it also extends the lifespan of the fan that is 40000 hours and the seal cap prevents lubricant leakage.

This fan also enables you to choose between a range of colors for RGB, just with a single click. The LED lights are vivid and multicolored. A burst of colors is created, different shades of colors create a beautiful mixture that gives your setup on fleek appearance.

upHere RGB Series Case Fan seeks to achieve commendable airflow that will do cooling at a much faster pace. 6 Pin interface is used that gives the RGB fan safe and reliable output.

The intriguing part is that it allows two-way installation whereby you can utilize them either to drive cool air in or to throw hot air out. 

  • Great price
  • Operates quietly
  • Two-way installation
  • Customized RGB lighting
  • Some people find the remote small.

Corsair LL120 RGB PWM Fan

FAN SPEED 600 to 1500 RPM
NOISE 24.8 decibels
BEARING TYPE Hydraulic bearing

Corsair LL120 RGB PWM Fan boasts 16 RGB LEDs, low noise fan blade with an adjustable speed for an ultimate cooling experience. You would appreciate how firmly it is built and how beautifully LEDs sparkle while the fan rotates.

These fans come with 48 independently controlled RGB lights, 16 RGB LEDs are on each fan that split between two seperate light loops to create impressive lighting effects.

This amazing fan generates a decent airflow of 43.25 CFM at no more than 24.8 decibel so less disturbance is created while it functions. The 120mm fan blades spin from 600 RPM to 1500 RPM, although you can regulate this speed through a PWM fan control either to maximize airflow or to minimize noise.

The fan uses Hydraulic bearing that increases its lifespan and also improves thermal efficiency. This fan also ensures that your system works efficiently with low noise.

Corsair lighting Node Pro is included to customize lighting and add aesthetic patterns and effects to it. You can customize RGB lighting and effects and adjust fan speeds by the Corsair iCUE software.

 If you are looking for a radiator fan that has excellent airflow, bright LEDs and works quietly, Corsair LL120 RGB PWM Fan can be a great recommendation for you. 

  • Decent airflow
  • Enduring fan
  • 16 vivid LED lights in each fan
  • Easy customization
  • Lots of wires have to be connected which is quite annoying

Corsair ML120 Pro RGB LED Magnetic Levitation Fan


Corsair ML120 Pros is another amazing RGB radiator fan that uses magnetic levitation technology and custom rotor design to deliver a performance that is beyond comparison. The custom motor design achieves commendable airflow by maintaining perfect balance between airflow and static pressure.

Its innovative design generates high airflow and static pressure of 47.3 CFM and 0.2-4.2 mmH2O respectively.

The magnetic bearing is utilized by this fan to endow your build with unsurpassed performance, durability and low noise. You can keep control over its speed to maintain balance between noise and performance. 

It comes with red, white and blue bold LEDs which are embedded on the center of the fan, these striking lights will give your PC a sensational look. The frosted translucent blades reflect this light even beautifully.

Color customization has been made possible by its anti-vibration rubber dampers which come in red, blue and white colors to match with the LEDs and rest of the setup. By means of these anti-vibration pads, the noise can also be reduced even at maximum fan speed.

This is an amazing fan that comes with a 5 year manufacturer's warranty so this can tell how reliable and enduring this fan is.

  • Amazing airflow
  • Vivid LEDs
  • Can be installed easily
  • Long-lasting
  • 5-year warranty

    NZXT AER RGB LED 120mm Case Fan

    BEARING TYPE Fluid dynamic bearing

    NZXT AER RGB is a strong PWM fan that is designed for optimized cooling and noiseless operation. These fans can be grouped in a daisy chain of up to five fans for sensational lighting effects. You can customize these with almost 10 lighting effects through CAM's software.

    There is a single light loop with 8 RGB LEDs that is fixed round the circumference whereas there's no illumination at the center. This multicolor RGB LED Ring will light up your setup in the most amazing way and will give it a unique look.

    This fan is elegantly designed and equips nine dynamic fan blades to move a good amount of air that reaches its maximum at 52.44 CFM for enhanced cooling. Fluid Dynamic bearing is utilized for extended lifespan and will last for up to six years that is more than enough for many gamers. By virtue of this bearing, thermal efficiency will be boosted and you'll get low operational noise.

    These fans come in both sizes i.e. 120mm and 140mm. They are Hue+ and CAM compatible for software controls and advanced lighting customizations.

    You can purchase NZXT AER RGB individually or in packs of three but it doesn't come with a fan controller. If you want to keep your fan cool enough, this one can be a great option.

    • Good airflow
    • Comes in two sizes
    • 10 customizable lighting effects
    • It can get louder when running on maximum speed
    • Does not come with fan controller