Herman Miller Aeron

We'll begin by reviewing the bestseller Herman Miller Aeron chair, which had been a great victory as soon as it penetrated the market. The great point is that it first came in 1994 and yet dominates the market, with many going crazy for it.

Since then, the Aeron chair has been upgraded to bring about the best version, so it's evitable that this is a hundred times better than what was released and loved back in 1994. Now we will highlight its features in detail so you can easily comprehend what this chair is all about before we start making the comparisons. First off, we'll shed light on its ergonomics.

The very innovative PostureFit SL backrest is engineered to support your lower back and spine and keep away discomfort after an immense workload. It fits with the shape of your spine and protrudes a little forward; this keeps you in a perfectly S-like and healthy posture, so that's how you get lower back pain while using this flabbergasted chair.

While we are on our chairs working throughout the day, we keep on changing postures, and that's when Herman Miller Aeron assists us by accommodating different sitting styles.

That is facilitated by its Harmonic tilt feature, which supports your natural way of moving. With this feature, you can find a point where you can sit smoothly, and the tilt limiter allows you to choose the best recline range out of the three available postures.

The best chair is the one that suits your body shape well. It is obvious that no chair can be made perfect enough to accommodate all of our body shapes and sizes, but things get better when chairs offer a wide range of adjustability, and the chair can be completely the way we want it to be.

Fortunately, Herman Miller Aeron has satisfied us in that aspect as well. The 3d arms, seat height, and forward seat tilt adjustments are possible with the option of adding two lumbar support systems.

The Aeron has leather padded, 4-way adjustable arms which can be moved up or down,, pivoted in or out, and slid back and forth. Even Herman Miller has not compromised in the selection of its chair's fabric.

The premium quality 8Z Pellicle fabric has been used that not only has a great appearance but also keeps you cool and sweat-free throughout the day by its breathable nature. It also supports your spine and is tightened very well at the edges, so it doesn't loosen.

While featuring the best ergonomics, offering an array of adjustabilities and tilt mechanisms, it proves to be the pre-eminent health-positive chair of all time. The caster wheels are resistant and great to go on hard floors and carpets.

Three different sizes, i.e., A, B, and C, support users with different weights and heights. A size chart for these different sizes is easily available to find yourself a chair that is specially made to adapt to your height and weight. Furthermore, it has a modern collection of colors, four various color frames with different bases are offered.

These colors mainly include mineral or white, graphite or black, carbon or gray. It even has a full black matte gaming edition. Above all, it is a sustainable product and does less damage to the environment. The chairs are recyclable and have a great resale value. It is backed by a long 12-year warranty.

Steelcase Leap V2

So here Steelcase Leap V2 is competing with the Herman Miller Aeron and before we go on and make our final decision about which one is going to top out, let's throw some light on Steelcase Leap V2's specs. So its speciality lies in its unique way of reclining where it focuses on keeping your armrests in a comfortable position by tilting the backrest backwards with seat sliding forwards.

That's a very creative way of maximizing comfort level that no other chair has come up with yet. As you change your postures multiple times while working, the Leap V2's Liveback technology changes its shape in accordance to the way your body moves with the aim of supporting you no matter how you sit.

The upper and lower back firmness adjustments ensure that you are seated in a very comfortable and relaxed way. Simply turn the knob two times to increase firmness.

Even its natural glide feature changes its position according to the movements you make, you can glide forward close to the screen without encountering fatigue.

The contouring of the backrest on the other hand will enhance your experience by giving more relaxation. Another perk of this chair is the adjustable armrests which can be moved from side to side, back and forth, up and down or even pivoted in and out.

The Leap V2 is a widely adjustable chair. With adjustable arms and lumbar support, it also has tilt lock in five various positions. Most importantly, the seat height and depth is adjustable, the height can be increased five inches further along with seat depths to be adjusted around 3 inches.

The Buzz2 fabric has been utilized as the upholstery of this chair which is 100% polyester and 3-layered breathable to keep you cool when gaming or working. A fun fact about Steelcase Leap V2 is its fascinating collection of colors that will boost your productivity and lift your interest in it.

Although it comes in many colors, here we will highlight just a few of those colors i.e. alpine, dunegrass, rouge, crocus, navy, tornado and the list goes on.

Next, many chairs we buy need to be assembled which is a time taking and sometimes a back breaking process, so glad to know that Steelcase Leap V2 and even Herman Miller Aeron will come at your doorstep fully assembled saving much of your precious time, it's ready right out of the box.