Corsair is an American manufacturer of top notch gaming peripherals ranging from fans to keyboards and what not. It is a well renowned company that has lots of Corsair lovers out there. Thanks to Corsair for manufacturing the premium quality Corsair ML Pro PWM Premium Magnetic Levitation Fan that comes in two sizes i.e. 120mm and 140mm. 

This fan spins at a faster pace than ordinary fans through its magnetic levitation technology enabling a larger room for enhanced cooling. It was engineered for an absolutely inaudible noise with perfect cooling performance one can desire for.

The shape of the fan blades were deeply observed and designed in such a way that they'll move a considerable amount of air hence increased cooling. This fan generates higher airflow and static pressure. For sure, the higher these are the better performance you'll get. With the custom rotor design, it generates airflow up to 97 CFM and static pressure up to 3 mmH2O.

The appearance is very stylish with uniquely designed fan blades coupled with color coordinate corners leaving eyes wide open of your counterparts. We absolutely love its design and it will stand out beautifully in your gaming setup. Its beauty has been enriched by radiant LEDs offering multiple colors i.e. red, white and blue.

Corsair ML Pro fans also come without LEDs but with an extra bucks you can reach out the LED models of these too. These LEDs are embedded at the center and the customizations allow the LEDs and the corners to be matched for a graceful look.

Magnetic bearing has been utilized that supports the rotors on the motors and allows it to go around at a much faster pace than ordinary bearings. This way it will maximize its speed accounting to 400-2000 RPM thus completing far more revolutions in a minute than a standard fan.

Well high speed is not the only perk this premium quality bearing will bring about, satisfied to know that ultra low noise levels ranging from 16-37 dBA are maintained, complete end to that continuous whirring sound that destroys our gaming mood.

A perfect balance between commendable airflow and silent operation can be made through the PWM control by which you can set a speed that maximizes cooling and lowers acoustic levels.

It's construction is sturdy and firm. It is a durable, long running fan so once you purchase it, you'll be relieved from the headache of purchasing another fan for years. It weighs 9.2 ounces and is measured to be 5.51 x 5.51 x 0.98 inches.

It comes with a five-year manufacturer's warranty so there's no risk involved in the purchase of this fan. In the package, you'll receive a 60cm cable, a 4-pin plug and four mounting screws with every fan. Either there is a single, dual pack or even a triple pack you can purchase with each fan priced at approximately $20. Such a great investment it is, with Corsair ML140 Pro cooling will be done more wisely.