Efficiency Rating 80 plus Bronze
Capacity 450W
Form Factor ATX12V
Modular No
Warranty Availability No
Fan Size 120mm

Cougar VTX450’s 88% energy efficiency has allowed it to top out and grab the first spot of our table.It astonishes you by bringing the electricity bills down, thus higher monthly savings. 

By consuming less than 0.5W, it becomes an environment friendly equipment. PF value up to 99%, contributing to clean and reliable power.

It is well built with high quality structure and durability. It looks stunning and works extremely well.The cables are sleeved in black to give your PC an aesthetic look. Cougar VTX 450 is accompanied with high quality MOSFETs and advanced engineering, that helps it to attain exceptional performance.

It is extremely reliable at 40°C/104°F offering high performance and full rated wattage,therefore will be able to satisfy requirements of the majority of your builds.

Furthermore, it supports the newest specifications of ATX12V and Multi-GPU Technology. It’s only 450W with 8(6+2)pin PCI-E connector.

Concerning its noise levels, the advertisement has mentioned it as being “ultra silent”, which is surely not the case as it creates annoying whir sound. And I totally agree with you that this noise irritates a lot!Furthermore, it’s not modular although the advertisement has addressed it that way.      

However, it’s a budget friendly product and gives outstanding power supplying results.

  • Strong structure
  • Incredibly efficient
  • Great Price to Performance ratio
  • Cables sleeved in black
  • Not very silent
  • Not modular


Efficiency Rating 80 plus White
Capacity 500W
Form Factor ATX12V
Modular No
Warranty Availability: 5 Yrs
Fan Size: 120mm

Thermaltake Smart 500W has emerged not just as a mediocre PSU, but a really good one. With capability of 500W, it powers your computer effectively with a scope for further expansion.

Thermaltake Smart 500W is embedded with high quality components to boost the working of your psu hence ensuring copper-bottomed results. Smart series is equipped with a powerful +12V rail that comes up with superb performance.

Most importantly, it can work up to an efficiency of 86% that is highly remarkable along with good energy conservation.

If taking airflow into consideration, you will be pleased to hear that the annoying purr sound has been reduced to such a level where you can barely hear it. The fans work really well by dissipating heat quickly accompanied by an exceptional airflow.

Coming towards its downside, staying functional might be the stumbling block in your way. Its durability and quality comes into doubt. You might be in misfortune if it stops working well after a few days of purchasing and if you also don’t get good after sale services.

Otherwise it’s a good pick. It has good quality  in comparison to its price thus a budget friendly product.

  • Excellent performance
  • Pretty silent
  • Good enough wattage
  • Exceptional airflow
  • Not modular
  • Possibility of poor after sales service


Capacity: 500W
Form Factor: ATX12V
Modular : No
Warranty Availability: No
Dimension: 150mm x 140mm x 85mm
Material: Metal

APEVIA ATX-AR50 like most of the other power supplying units is the middle-of-the-road. It is a 500 watt product with 12cm black fan that is highly convenient for higher-end PCs.

Starting off, it has high stability with 5% tolerance of 5V, 3.3V and 12V. APEViA ATX-AR50’s most appreciating feature is its protection qualities. It ensures safety and longevity under circumstances of over voltage, under voltage, over power, oved heating, short circuit etc, giving you a risk-free working environment.

The 12cm black fan functions steadily and softly leading to a peaceful gaming environment. It provides best cooling results through adequate temperature regulation.

The colourful cables do not look really appealing but can help you organize your setup. To add more, it is embedded with high quality components ensuring long-term quality.

ATX-AR50 comes with a wide range of pin counts to satisfy your requirements. It has 20+4 main pin connector, a 4 pin connector, a 6+2 pin-PCI Express, 3 SATA connectors, 4 peripheral and a floppy connector.

Summing up, APEVIA ATX-AR50 is a great choice as it has good wattage and built in protection against above mentioned issues. It is a reliable PSU with efficient power flow, thus you can easily go for it

  • Efficient power flow
  • Worth the price
  • Long life
  • Silent & Light weight
  • Cables don’t look good

EVGA 400 N1

Efficiency Rating: 75%
Capacity: 400W
Form Factor: ATX
Modular : No
Warranty Availability: 2 Years
Fan Size: 120mm Sleeve Bearing
Size: 85mm x 150mm x 140mm

If you prefer to have a well built gaming system at a low cost, Evga 400 N1 is undeniably a great choice. It meets your expectations without draining your money away.

Starting with its optimal features, the single +12V rail does its job well by supplying even power output. It is a 400 watts PSU that is although on the extreme end of our list but is genuine for an average gaming system. In simple words, a good option as a cheap, long term product.

Taking its built into account, it is firm and sturdy but lacks a few good features. The decent structure depicts its simplicity and appropriateness. The colored cables don’t look attractive and if you are interested in giving your PC a holistic look, these colors won’t help you out. Evga 400 N1 comes with a two year limited warranty with registration.

There’s a little bit issue regarding fan ventilation as there’s only one grill enabling airflow. The grill can be accumulated with dust that will reduce its cooling ability so you will have to blow the dust off to serve you more.

Although sparking is a rare issue, you should be aware of the fact that it might spark or you will observe slight smoke after being installed and used.

Evga 400 N1 is a recommended PSU for everyday use and low power activities. It is cheap and ensures longevity with commendable performance.

The colourful cables do not look really appealing but can help you organize your setup. To add more, it is embedded with high quality components ensuring long-term quality.

  • Comes with 2 year warranty
  • Strong
  • Durability
  • Long life
  • Not modular
  • Low wattage