Difference between Mechanical and Standard keyboard:

Before discussing whether mechanical keyboards are reliable for typing or not, we'll have to consider pros and cons of both of them.

We're well aware of the fact that mechanical keyboards are designed especially for gamers.

Mechanical keyboards boast a number of features that makes them relatively expensive and irreplaceable for gaming. You'll see that high quality, durable mechanical switches are integrated for pinpoint accuracy and fastest clicks registration hence higher chances of victory in competitive battles.

Unique mechanical switches like linear, clicky and tactile are equipped, each of which has its own speciality. There are many other mechanical switches used such as Cherry MX Switches, Kailh, Romer-G and Razer switches. Out of which Razer Green mechanical switch is one of the great switches, which can register almost 80 million clicks and requires an approximate force of 50 gram to register each click. 

Mechanical keyboards come with RGB LEDs so a plus point for gamers who look for a much colorful setup. You can even customize each key with a different color for a multicolor effect. By customizing each key with a different color, you can also highlight a specific key that you frequently use or is regarded more significant to be used during intense gaming sessions.

With that being said, standard keyboards are much focused for better typing performance and high comfort level for users. 

The technology under standard keyboard keys is the membrane one which uses dome switches. These switches are comparatively quieter than mechanical switches and cheaper too.

Types of mechanical switches:

1) Linear switches:

These switches have a lighter feel and don't give feedback once a click has been registered.

2) Tactile switches:

They give tactile feedback each time a click is registered. There's a noticeable bump which you can feel while pressing the key, this bump confirms that your key has been registered.

3) Clicky switches:

A tactile sound is created to register a click. These switches are louder than the previous ones we have mentioned. As soon as the sound is heard you can release the key.

Cherry MX switches:

Cherry MX switches, widely used in most of the mechanical keyboards were manufactured by a german company which is specialist in making mechanical switches. As they are the most popular ones, a little bit of information about them would perhaps be useful for you. 

Their names are based on their stem colors, each switch has unique characteristics. 

Cherry MX Black: Being a linear switch, it does not give feedback upon registering a click. Its actuation distance and actuation force is 2mm and 60cN. This switch is most popular among gamers who prefer it due to reduced chances of unintentional clicks. 

Cherry MX Red: This one's also a linear switch however, it's actuation is lesser than Cherry MX Black which is 45 cN. Due to its faster actuation force, you'll find them in most of the gaming keyboards. Its new silent version was also introduced in 2015 namely Cherry MX Red Silent.

Cherry MX Brown: It's a great switch for gaming as well as typing. This switch permits rapid clicks with tactile feedback. The noise created is not so loud so keyboards with Cherry MX Brown switches are reliable for use in public or offices where fast typing is required.

Cherry MX Blue: This switch also gives tactile feedback. Mostly typists admire the use of this switch however the loud clicky sound created can be distracting for your co-workers. Although its clicky sound is not so annoying for everyone, obviously because everyone has their own perception, for many it's satisfying too. The main thing is that Cherry MX Blue helps you type faster.

Well, these were the few main ones, there are many switches out there each with its own perk.

Benefits of a mechanical keyboard:

1)Higher key rollover: This means that mechanical keyboards are capable of registering multiple keystrokes at a time. You can press a number of keys and get them all registered. N key rollover is an additional feature which  is also found in mechanical keyboards. This means every key you press simultaneously will be accurately registered.

2)These keyboards have the best typing results highly due to the mechanical switches they equip. These switches have quickest response time without compromising on their precision and accuracy. Faster polling rate can register multiple clicks at a time. 

3)Life expectancy: As gamers tend to make the maximum clicks at a faster pace, mechanical keyboards are designed to support this view. These keyboards are durable for up to 50 million clicks that makes them reliable for a longer time.

4)Key pressure: The keys can be pressed with a light touch which is less tiring and also makes it easy to register many clicks. Usually keys that use linear switches have a lighter feel.

5)Easy to clean: The keycaps are removable so you can take them out and wipe off the dust that has been accumulated. This keeps your keyboard neat and tidy.

Drawbacks of mechanical keyboards:

1)Costly: Premium quality materials like mechanical switches are utilized which makes them more expensive than regular keyboards.

2)Heavy: Due to its heavy weight, you cannot  carry it easily from place to place that makes it less portable.

3)Louder: Louder noise is created when keys are pressed, although this also depends on the switches that are used, for instance the clicky switches are the loudest of all. The noise created can be annoying for many, therefore is not recommended to be used in public.

Benefits of standard keyboards:

1)Quiet: Standard keyboards are less noisy which makes them appropriate for use in offices or public. This way you'll get a peaceful working environment. 

2)Weighs less: This makes them portable, so you can grab your keyboard and sit down anywhere you are comfortable at. Basically the devices made of membrane and dome switches are lighter giving them an overall lighter feel.

3)Cheap: Membrane technology is cheaper so is used in many standard keyboards out there. This technology pushes down its price which makes it available at an affordable price. 

Drawbacks of standard keyboards:

1)Key rollover: Some standard keyboards do come with a key rollover feature but it isn't found to be as effective as the one in mechanical keyboards. Lots of clicks made at a single time won't be accurately registered so typing fastly on this keyboard will get problematic for you. For instance, if you press multiple keys simultaneously you'll get a few of them registered only.

2)Life expectancy: These keyboards as mentioned earlier come with dome switches which are durable for only 5 to 10 million clicks, that is quite less. The buttons in standard keyboards are slightly weaker and might break out after extended use.

3)Keypress: Keys in a membrane keyboard have to be pressed so hard, they must be clicked with great force till the bottom to ensure the click has been registered.

4)Keycaps can't be removed: This makes cleaning difficult. The dust on other components would be left too which will surely give it a dirty look.

However we can say that gaming keyboards are better for typing than standard ones. Gaming keyboards include many features as that of standard ones and are far more efficient. Both keyboards come with mechanical and membrane technology. Mechanical switches are preferred over dome ones because of the advantages they bring about. It is far better to go for mechanical ones especially if your aim is gaming.